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Gripe Water mom-hack

This week's Mom-hack Monday topic is all about Gripe water! Gripe water (well the one I use anyway) has been around since the 1800's - and I'm pretty sure that moms were using similar herbal home remedies before that! The active ingredients in Gripe water are traditionally sodium bicarbonate, to help counter acidity in the… Continue reading Gripe Water mom-hack

The year that’s been

2020 what a year. What a disastrous, challenging, terrifying, bizarre year it has been. We usually spend New Years eve with very dear friends, braaiing, drinking, swimming. This year we aren't. We had a special family dinner at 5pm, put the kids down to sleep and are now sitting on the couch in our jammies...And… Continue reading The year that’s been

Morning sickness ice tea

I struggled really badly through the first trimester of both my pregnancies with all day sickness. Whoever named it morning sickness was obviously a man who never experienced it themselves! I found that I couldn’t stomach plain water for some reason, my body needed hydration, but it would just reject any water that I drank.… Continue reading Morning sickness ice tea