Morning sickness ice tea

I struggled really badly through the first trimester of both my pregnancies with all day sickness. Whoever named it morning sickness was obviously a man who never experienced it themselves!

I found that I couldn’t stomach plain water for some reason, my body needed hydration, but it would just reject any water that I drank. I needed ice cold juice, something flavoured and preferably sweet. The discovery of ice tea happened one day at a restaurant where everyone else was having cocktails and beer – and my options were coke (far too much caffeine and sugar!) or ice tea….wow did it make me feel better!

Now we all know that manufactured ice tea is jam packed full of sugar, and if it’s all you’re drinking it can start becoming costly! So I decided to make my own. I would brew it in the evening and leave it to chill overnight, for an amazing refreshing relief from morning sickness the next day! I used rooibos tea as it is fantastic during pregnancy being packed with antioxidants to help keep you fighting fit and is naturally caffeine free.

The recipe was as follows:

1,5l or boiled water

5 rooibos tea bags – left to steep in the hot water until the water was cool to touch. You can adjust it depending on the strength you’d like

500ml of cranberry fruit juice (or apple, or peach, berry or even litchi!) for a bit of sweetness and flavor

A nice chunk of fresh ginger, peeled and washed (about 2cm in length, can be sliced thinner)

1 tablespoon of honey – dissolved in the water while hot

A few slices of lemon and sprigs of mint (optional)

Combine all the ingredients in a large jug that fits in your fridge. Remove the teabags and ginger once the water is cool and then place the jug in the fridge to chill.

Serve over ice, or chilled with or without lemon slices and mint sprigs. Sip slowly and continuously to keep hydrated and help reduce nausea.

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