New year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2019 is a great year for you all and that at this time next year you can look back with fondness on a year filled with happy memories.

This New Year’s Eve certainly was different to all those we’ve celebrated in the past! New Year’s Eve usually finds us partying until the wee hours of the morning and staggering to bed as the birds are waking. This year, our night ended at 10pm, and we were asleep by 10:30. That doesn’t mean I woke up feeling bright and breezy….two post midnight feeds are enough to make anyone feel hungover!

A new year inevitably brings new resolutions, and I could have a million, lose the baby weight, read more, spend less, eat better and on and on. Rather, this year I’m going to resolve to slow down and enjoy the “firsts”. (Obviously if I manage to lose weight, read more and spend less then that’s a bonus, but one thing I’ve learnt is that with a baby you can only focus on one thing at a time, and that thing is usually baby related)

There are bound to be so many this year with Hannah growing, developing and changing every single day, I’m sure that if I’m focused on doing more and being different I’m going to miss them, and I couldn’t forgive myself for that!

In the spirit of “firsts”, Hannah started her first new year with her first swim in her first swimming costume!

Pictured below, Miss Mackenzie is sporting a multicoloured shimmering mermaid style one piece, from the house of Woolworth, providing her with an SPF of 30 and all the help she needs to show off her svelte figure. The ensemble is completed with an adorable sun bonnet !

The water was a little chilly, she niggled a bit and curled up her adorable little toes when I dipped them in, but after a while she was quite comfortable in the water. I wouldn’t say entirely happy, but I did time her swim just before her nap -rookie error! Someone who did enjoy her swim was Luna, who can be seen in the background swimming in circles like only a crazy border collie can!

So our new year started off with a fun “first” on the first and I am so excited to experience a million more this year! It would probably bore the socks off of everyone if I shared them all, but I’ll try to write about the big ones!

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